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Laws of Physics

Oppdatert: 19. des. 2020

anywhere there is light,

there is shadow

there are, in fact,

three distinct parts of shadows:

umbra, antumbra, penumbra,

the whole shadow, the darkest, inner part,

the before-shadow, the lightest, outer part,

and the half-shadow, the almost-shadow, the partial space

what you see depends on angles of obstructions,

and how the light hits and spreads

so, if you should find yourself

immersed or semi-eclipsed in the dark,

let this serve as your reminder:

that shadows have outer parts and inner parts,

that their endings can be shady, fuzzy, or clear,

that a different angle shifts the perception of obstruction

and that anywhere there is shadow,

there must also be a source of light.

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